BALLET Classes

Ballet is now... now is when it happens ~ George Ballanchine

Ballet Classes at our Studio

Children's Ballet classes begin with Pre-Ballet at age 3.

Adult Ballet classes offered for beginner & intermediate ballet dance students.

At our Dance Studio & Ballet School all dancers learn ballet dance technique, ballet dance history and ballet dance terminology of Ballet dance with a strong foundation of classical ballet as taught in the most prestigious Ballet Schools.

Our Ballet students with a minimum of two years training are encouraged to audition for our associates annual productions of "The Nutcracker" at the professional ballet dance company the "Dance Prism" each September. We also expect ballet dancers to participate in the yearly prestigious American Academy of Ballet Dance Performance Awards. This is a yearly event occurring every January where our ballet dance students perform to receive awards and certificates.

Ballet instructors teaching in our Ballet School are tested by the National Council of Dance Teacher's Organization of America (NDCA), Dance Master's of America, Dance Teacher's Club of Boston, have a College Degree in Dance or have Toured in a Professional Dance Company.

Ballet Dance Class Attire

Girls Ballet School Attire: Ballet students should wear their hair in a neat bun, black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers (purchased at our Ballet School) or pointe shoes, black or pink knit sweater, shorts and leg warmers, black or pink ballet skirts. (ballet slippers must be purchased at our Ballet School)

Boys Ballet School Attire: White t-shirt, black thick tights or black tapered legging, black sox, black ballet slippers (ballet slippers must be purchased at Ballet School)

Dance & Acting School Info

Young girl posing in ballerina outfit