National Council of Dance Teacher's Organization of America (NDCA)

The Center for Performing Arts Dance Studio is associated with NDCA.

We offer a comprehensive Medal Testing Program focusing on Ballet, Tap dance and Jazz dance. This program is offered to all students ages 8 to Adult.

Testing is Optional for Student Portfolio and Student Teaching Certification/ Rehearsals, test dates will be posted.

The National Dance Teacher's Council of America's, Medal Testing Program is a great innovation for the Performing Arts Studio & Dance School teacher and Student. Students now have the opportunity to be examined and graded with National Recognition. This opportunity is offered only to members. Performing Arts Studio & Dance School students, wether creational or competitive, all receive this curriculum.

These examinations have been drawn up by the Board of Directors of the Performing Arts Studio & Dance School Deptepartment of the N.D.T.C. who have experience with students of all ages. They have been drawn up in a conscientious manner.

The aim of this testing system is to give a proper background to the average dance student and the intending dancer. The technique and dances required will be given at six levels of progression starting with the Bronze Bar and continuing through the Gold Medal. These tests were designed so that a student properly taught will take each level without any difficulty. The first three levels can be achieved by the "once a week" student. It is felt that most students desiring Bronze, Silver, or Gold medals will require more than one dance lesson per week.

This program has been prepared to help satisfy the needs of the Performing Arts students who have usually studied dancing for many years with literally no reward for their endeavor.

Students must be eight (8) years of age or older before taking the first achievement test. These tests are achievement tests and shall be in six levels: Bronze Bar, Silver Bar, Gold Bar, Bronze Medal, Silver Medal and Gold Medal. These tests are conducted to permit an individual to "grade" his or her advancement in dance. These tests may be taken by amateur or professional dancers and will be judged by qualified examiners.

Students will be graded based on:

Technique 65%: body alignment, use of arms and legs, carriage, footwork, coordination.

Timing 15%: musical sense, coordination of arms, legs and body control. Appearance 10%: uniform, personal grooming (hair, makeup), footwear. Presentation 10%: spirit, facial expression, personality, eye contact, attitude, projection.

Dress: girls must wear black leotards and pink tights. No skirts or tutus allowed except where noted in the examination syllabus. Hair must be worn back from face and body and bound closely to the head as neatly as possible. No jewelry or theatrical makeup. Appropriate dance shoes to be worn.

No student who has passed an examination is permitted to retake the same examination in order to receive a higher grade. A student who has failed an examination may re-apply to be examined at the same level at the recommendation of his or her teacher. An examiner has the right to recommend a student not to take a scheduled higher examination on the same day. Examinations must be taken in sequence regardless of age or achievement.

The examination fees must accompany the application form on the day of the test. Fees are as follows: Bronze Bar $30, Silver Bar $35 and Gold Bar $40, Bronze Medal $45, Silver Medal $50, Gold Medal $55 for each examination: ballet, tap and jazz.

All Competition students at the Performing Arts Studio & Dance School Methuen are expected and to participate in the N.M.T. dance program. Outside dance students are welcomed by our staff into our highly respectable progams.

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